Sunday, 10 February 2013

Branching Out: guest posts and other EAs

As my time in the West Bank sadly reaches an end I am pushing to complete some final posts. Thank you to everyone who has followed, read and shared around. Each new person who reads about my experiences out here is important to me and I hope that some have been inspired to go away and learn more for themselves, and ultimately to end this occupation.

 In the meantime a quick plug for some of my other writing from Palestine that has not been posted on this blog. Please do check out these articles and support the publications that have run them; they are important spaces for independent voices in a time when they are vitally needed.

This one, for Green Left Weekly, based in Australia, is about my participation in a programme jointly run by the Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign and the Freedom Theatre; two groups I highly respect.

'Freedom Theatre tells hidden Palestinian stories'

This one, on the US site Waging Nonviolence, is about the protest village moment sparked by Bab al-Shams and it's implications for struggle in Palestine

‘One, two, a hundred Bab al-Shams’ — new facts on the ground in Palestine?'

and, finally a couple (and hopefully a couple more) for  Ceasefire, most recently a piece on the paradox presented by the Israeli Law of Return and the (unrealized) Right of Return of Palestinian refugees.

Please do, as ever, read, comment and share around!

I also recommend having a scout around for some other blogs by EAs on the West Bank. One of the benefits of this programme is being able to interact with others undertaking similar roles in different parts of the oPt and in the process gaining a more rounded perspective on the overall situation of Palestinians. Here are a couple of blogs from colleagues in my group that I have enjoyed following, from Jayyus:


and the South Hebron Hills

Respectively. Enjoy!


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